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RE: Informatica on Solaris - how about HP?

From: Gary Weber <>
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 10:27:06 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Hi Linda,

>>I've been asked to give a hardware recommendation for Solaris running
Informatica in development/test and production. The products we will be looking at are PowerMart, PowerPlugs, and possibly the eProcurement application. I've heard that it is a javalina (a javalina being a peccary, a pig-like animal. 'I am not a pig' ;-) ). For those of you running Informatica, what kind of Sun machines do you have? # of CPUs, amount of RAM, disk, etc.? What are the sizes of your databases, source and target? What are your experiences with the products from a DBA standpoint?>>

Not a Sun machine, but for what its worth we're running PowerMart on HPUX 11 (HP9000 N-class box, quad CPU, 8 GB RAM) with repository in 8.1.5, multiple targets of various versions on HPUX and Windoz), source mainly being Informix. As far as disk for PMserver, I can't say much - our box is attached to EMC unit.
Actual data loads and transformation is where PowerMart get nasty with resources. The server itself (PowerMart server that is) runs pretty light while routines are scripted/edited/queried. Once you start moving data, it grabs hundreds of megs of RAM and spins the CPU. I'd recommend at the very least a dual processor, quad if budget permits. Depending on others resources using the box, I'd start with 2 GB of memory and make sure it scales to more.
Regarding database sizes, Informix sources are about 300 GBs combined, same for Oracle database where database is to be moved. Either developers here are telling me lies, or Informatica can't be tweaked to perform direct loads - hence loading routines run forever. Also, same developers are telling me that Informatica version we have is not certified for 8.1.6 and repository MUST reside in 8.1.5 database. Don't know if there is newer version, but its something I'd ask if the tool is evaluated. Lastly, repository itself takes up 125 MB, after almost a year of being in production, so its a none-issue.

HTH, Gary

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