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RE: Unix: File cache size on Solaris

From: Steve Adams <>
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 04:48:53 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Hi Kam,

The inability to limit the amount of memory available for file system buffers used to be a problem under earlier versions of Solaris. At 2.6 and above just make sure that 'priority_paging' is in use and all will be well (in this regard at least).

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Dear List,

We are running Oracle on Solaris 2.6, I am new to Solaris env and wondering anyone can explain to me on the following:

We have 6G of memory on the Sun E5500 server, when I do a prtmem command, I notice the size for "File Cache" is about 3.9G big and 100M free space. I was curious about what is taking up all the space, our Unix admin explained to me that under Solaris, the OS will grep any free memory as unix buffer and give it back to process when needed and we can't configure how much memory Solaris keep as unix buffer. I remember under HP-UX, you can keep a limit on how much memory the OS can keep under buffer cache. In our case, will such a large pool of buffer cache has any performance impact, Solaris must spend a lot of time maintaining this pool and also it probably very expensive to allocate and deallocate buffer between OS and user processes. Any ideal??


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