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RE: Am I too hard on the developper ?

From: Joseph Testa <>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 12:27:55 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Comments inline:

> >From a developer:
>1. Although it may not always matter at the database level, the order of
>the columns within a table often follow a logical sequence. ALTER TABLE
>does not give you control over where in the column list that column will be
>added. Example: If you want to add a MIDDLE_NAME column, you would
>logically want it to be listed near the FIRST_NAME and LAST_NAME columns
>not at the end of the table. Think of it as de-fragmenting the table
>description ... it just makes things easier in the long run if similar
>columns appear in logical groupings.

You point is moot, oracle does NOT guarantee order of columns, so ignore this point.

>2. If the developers want to drop and re-create the tables in a
>environment, let them. But also make them responsible for the grants.
>can download a tool like TOAD for free ( It will
>complete drop and recreate scripts for a table (or a complete schema), and
>include the grants, triggers, indexes, synonyms, storage criteria, etc.
>Generate the script for the table(s) they want to change, edit the script
>add the new columns in their proper place, and execute it. Table dropped,
>re-constructed, and grants re-granted. No DBA involvement needed.

Point well taken except for one thing, when the screw them up who they gonna come and see to bail them out????, the DBA, so not letting them do that stuff make less work for the dba.

ignore this point also.

>3. In the future, keep in mind that DBAs and Developers should work as a
>team, not as opponents. You need each other. I see too many posts here
>DBAs who seem to look down on developers. There are good and bad
>developers, but guess what ... there are also good and bad DBAs. We've had
>both here.


The only valid point you made.


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