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No Subject

From: Joseph Testa <>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 11:53:58 -0800
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my understanding of nologging is this:

Only the following operations can make use of the NOLOGGING option:

alter table...move partition
alter table...split partition
alter index...split partition
alter index...rebuild
alter index...rebuild partition

create select
create index
direct load with SQL*Loader
direct load INSERT

Other SQL statements (such as UPDATE, DELETE, conventional path INSERT, and various DDL statements not listed above) are unaffected by the NOLOGGING attribute of the schema object, so yes you DML will appear in the redo/archive logs.

hth, joe

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>Hi Dear Listers,
>After I read the document. I still not clear how the logging parameter
>really behave.
>The table has one blob datatype column, we don't care about recovery. so we
>decided go with nocache nologging. The question is if we enable storage in
>row. (IN-LINE LOBS) they still logged as normal. If the lob size is > 4k,
>does still generate big redo log?

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