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A strange space issue problem

From: Richard Ji <>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 10:23:05 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Hi all,

I am experiencing a problem and am in need of your opnions.

I have a table which has two columns, one is a NUMBER, one is a LONG RAW. The LONG RAW column is used to store
a Java Serialized Object of a size about 5k to 12k. We get about 15000 rows per day. Each night the old rows are purged to make room for the new ones. This worked fine for over 6 months, except once the table failed to extend because
the purge job was broken and we didn't have enough space.

But about a week ago, I am starting to see ORA-1653: unable to extent table message appear in alert log randomly. The purge job is running fine and did free up space. Only around 20 out of 15000 caused the error message. At first I suspect those failed ones must be trying to put in something BIG. But after the developer debugged it, he told me the size of the binary is only between 6-8k of the failed ones which is no larger than the others. So now I am really puzzled. I have one
transaction that's trying to stick an 8k LONG ROW into the table and it failed with ORA-1653 and the next whole bunch of transactions going into the table successfully with the same size or even bigger. And there is no delete happened between those transactions. Nothing is deleted from the database except the nightly purge job which only deletes from that table.

I suspect there is something that the developer didn't find out, but I want to rule out the possibility that it's the database that's causing the problem.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, comments, even if it's a shot in the dark.

Richard Ji


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Author: Richard Ji

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