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RE: Must choose between OEM or SNMP

From: Reardon, Bruce (CALBBAY) <>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 14:04:07 -0800
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I happen to be both the DBA and the NT administrator of our Oracle NT servers.

I would suggest that you may want both types of monitoring and that in fact OEM can report its events to your standard SNMP monitoring tool (not that I have done this yet).

For example, you may want to know such low level information as CPU temps, fan speeds and many other things.
If you install the MS SNMP service, then OEM performance monitor / capacity planner can measure any thing that the NT performance monitor can.

But for OEM events, consult the following Metalink documents to see what can be monitored:
 [NOTE:69592.1] Event files Quick reference   Note:69563.1 Subject: Overview of all the Event TCL files used by Enterprise Manager

Most of these events come with the diagnostics pack so you will need that for sophisticated OEM monitoring.

Impact - just having the OEM agent and data gatherer running has no impact that I have noticed.
However, once you start monitoring the impact will depend on what you monitor and how frequently each event is tested.

Also, the DBA may want OEM for its job scheduling abilities (even though the OEM ones are far from perfect it is something native NT is lacking) and other database management tools - having these will mostly require that the agent / data gatherer are installed.

To me, it depends alot on what you want to monitor and who will be accountable for fixing the problem(s) found and what tools that person is comfortable with.


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I have been given a choice. Let the DBA setup OEM and monitor the NT4 Servers we have Oracle 8.1.6 running on, or I can do all the monitoring remotely using my preferred SNMP tools and MIBS. I do not know much about Oracle. Which is going to be 'better'? We have our dev DB system to do first, then the production server. What kind of impact can I expect either of these tools to have on the server hardware or databases?

Thanks for aiding the extinction of ignorance.

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