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LogMiner and Auditing

From: <>
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 14:38:31 -0800
Message-ID: <>

FYI: Resent with a different subject

I've seen a few posts on the list lately suggesting the use of LogMiner as an auditing tool.

I have serious doubts about it's use in this capacity. Imagine the following scenario.

Duhveloper: 'We just discovered that someone dropped a critical

             table in our system.  We think some unauthorized
             person has access to one of our production accounts!
             We need to find out who this was!'

( duhvelopers always speak with exclamation points )

DBA: 'Is this the same database that was installed by the

       vendor with default passwords?  The same database that
       I'm not allowed to change the default passwords on?'

Duhveloper: 'Uh, yeah, right.'
( Well, maybe not always )

DBA: 'OK, I may not be able to tell you who did it, but I

       can pinpoint when it happened with LogMiner.'

Duhveloper: 'Great! How soon we get an answer!'

DBA: 'That depends on how closely you can narrow down the

       window I have to look in.  Approximately when did

Duhveloper:  'Well, we didn't find out til this morning.  The
              last time anyone can recall looking at the table
              was 10 days ago.'

DBA:  'This system generates a 500m log file 3 times an hour,
       24x7.  That means that a worst case scenario is I
       process 720 Archive log files, many of which are on
       tape, so I must bring those back 20 files at a time, as
       the largest disk space I can spare is 10 gig.  Working
       fulltime I may be able to give you that answer in 30 days.'

Duhveloper:  'Oh.  Well maybe we don't need it that bad. I know
              what we can do!  Why don't you change the default
              system passwords on that database.  I don't know
              why you didn't do it as soon as the vendor left!'

( Duhveloper skulks away when DBA's face turns a lovely shade
  of crimson and appears to be on the verge of burying Pompeii   in an ash flow. )

Seriously, has anyone successfully used LogMiner for auditing in a production database.

Joe, your input here would be appreciated.


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