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OT -- FYI -- What WindowsXP will look like

From: Boivin, Patrice J <>
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 08:21:07 -0800
Message-ID: <>

More on the XP tip

                         Posted 02/14/2001 - 1:56am EST [Discussion]
                         While reactions to the recent official naming of
Whistler are still brewing, over at WinInfo Paul
                         Thurrott has the Windows XP what's what pouring in.
It seems he has a quickie sneak
                         preview of Microsoft's next big thing, focusing
mainly on the new interface Luna.  While the
                         new interface is attractive and stylin', it still
kind of gives me the kiosk-heebies sometimes. 
                         Anyhow, time will only tell if the new interface
has an effect similar to that of when the
                         Win95 interface hit the scene. 

                         In case you hadn't heard, the rumor mill has beta 2
of XP rolling out at the end of the month,
                         and will supposedly be the final beta for the
Professional and Consumer releases ... which are
                         scheduled to be available in early summer.  The
server releases on the other hand will likely
                         see additional beta and RC releases, and are
tentatively scheduled for a mid-fall release (at
                         the earliest).  Speaking of the server, the server
editions sale total exceeded 1 million in
                         recent weeks ... meaning that a majority of NT4
Server users are still holding out.  I know
                         that industry experts have a bulk of the folks
who've held out thus far making the plunge
                         sometime before the end of 2001, but with that date
coinciding with the release of XP oh
                         what will consumers and businesses do?  On a
lighter note, Citrix has recently announced
                         that the next release of MetaFrame will have the XP
tag as well. Creepy or kickin'? -Panders

This is from <>

    February 13, 2001 | Paul Thurrott
    Just In: Windows XP Sneak Peek!

                      As promised, Microsoft provided a sneak preview of
Windows XP Tuesday at the Experience

    Music Project in Seattle. The event, which featured Microsoft executives Bill Gates and Jim Allchin, provided a first public

    look at the new "Luna" user interface and other exciting features of the next version of Windows, which will become

    available in the second half of 2001. Gates says he was personally involved in the creation of this release, which

    focuses on the home and business desktop markets. A server release of the next version of Windows 2000 is due in

    late 2001.

    "People want to do more and more with their PCs," Gates says. "Windows XP builds on their dreams, taking the

    power and adaptability of the PC to a new level. It delivers on our vision of bringing the most advanced Windows ever

    to home users, unlocking the true and amazing potential of everyone's PC."

    Windows XP is based around the idea of integrating "experiences" into the operating system. For example, XP

    introduces the new "Luna" look and feel, which the company says is very easy to use, yet incredibly powerful for all

    types of users. The new user interface facilitates task- or activity-based computing, and is the most significant update

    to the Windows interface since Windows 95.

    In addition to the new user interface, Windows XP provides an unparalleled integration with digital media. At the EMP

    event Tuesday, the company demonstrated a variety of these features, including digital camera and scanner

    integration, the digital music experience, and features pertaining to digital movie making. Microsoft says that Windows

    XP-based PCs will be at the center of home entertainment, with easy links to portable music devices, video devices,

    and other consumer-oriented hardware.

    "Windows XP represents a major shift in personal computing," says Microsoft general manager John Frederiksen, "and

    'XP' best represents this new direction of enabling experiences. With Windows XP, we really focused on simplifying

    and enhancing end-to-end computing experiences to unlock the power of the PC and allow users to take full

    advantage of their computers in the easiest possible ways. With Windows XP the power of the PC is extended to

    devices, Web services and applications to allow users to do more than ever on their computers."

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