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Re:RE: On-Call - terms, conidtions and perks!

From: <>
Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2001 07:57:10 -0800
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We likewise do 24x7 support for a computer integrated manufacturing line & an around the world sales organization (sales offices in the pacific & Europe). There are two of us so we share the duties typically two weeks at a time. The company pays $200 per week no matter if you get called or not. We each have pagers but the on call person has the cell phone. There is a laptop, but we never use it as the company provides ISDN service from home into the local area network. That's scheduled to change in the near future to a VPN setup with AT&T. At any rate, things have been setup such that no matter if your in the office or at home you have the same access and resources. We've spent a lot of time and money in setting up the production DB's and servers in the most fault tolerant way possible. Multiple CPU HP's that soft fail with redundant power supplies. Mirrored EMC disk arrays, triple oversized UPS systems, fault tolerant CISCO switches, etc., etc., etc... Also, since there was no such tool in the old Oracle 6 days we created a program that runs on an NT box as a client application that watches the DB's 24x7 and knows where the appropriate pagers for the appropriate errors are, default the DBA's. The entire system works almost flawlessly. Last year we only had 5 hours of unscheduled down time across 10 production instances, all for hardware problems which really weren't 'unscheduled' since we had two days notice before. Most weeks the only call that comes in is a real nuisance as one of the line techs will mis-diagnose the error he's seeing.

Dick Goulet

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