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RE: Vendor Package Implementation Strategy

From: Vandermey, Robert <>
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2001 12:08:22 -0800
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The last company I was at had up to 4 different versions of Oracle on the same server. We had 7.3.4 for one package, 8.0.6 for another, 8.1.5 for another and were doing development on 8.1.6 databases. There were a total of 3 development servers with, at one point in time, 30 databases. These were all on Sun (Unix) servers. Didn't cause us any problems. One of the packages that was on 8.0.6 had up to 12 schemas in it for different levels of development, i.e. content development, c++ development, utilities development, etc. As long as the machine can handle it (CPU, memory, disk space) you can have multiple versions of Oracle running on it.  

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Hi everyone -

I posted this some time ago and didn't really get much response, so I'm trying again. For those of you that are implementing multiple application packages, how to you determine how many Oracle instances and servers to use? For example - do you build one instance per application package and, if so, on one server or separate? Is this possibly a use of NT vs. Oracle (if you only have 1 small application per instance, you wouldn't necessarily need the machine power)?

We implemented a few different vendor packages onto one Unix server. We are now looking to upgrade oracle (and Solaris) and are having problems finding a common version that all packages can run on. I have been asked to propose a different strategy going forward, so that we have more flexibility for upgrades, etc. I would like to hear how others have implemented and supported the vendor-provided package scenario.

Thanks in advance -


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