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Re: Reporting database

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Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2001 12:27:44 -0800
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A large client that I worked with last year had a very high volume OLTP system and they implemented Quest's SharePlex for a reporting database. It worked well for them. Oracle's current method of replication could never have approached the speed they needed and it would have added overhead to an already overburdened production system. SharePlex reads from log files. You can control what tables are replicated and it's advisable to only replicate the ones you need to ensure that your reporting instance keeps up with the changes to the production database. I believe that Oracle9i will have a similar option to replicate based on log files. Also, I would assume with 9i's clusters, you could designate one or more clusters as reporting instances and others as OLTP instances.

Marc Perkowitz
MTP Systems Consulting

In a message dated 2/6/2001 6:55:17 AM Central Standard Time, writes:

<< How are you all creating reporting databases? We currently have an OLTP  database and we wish to create a reporting database from it. As I see it,  we have the following options:  

  1. Create the reporting database as a Standby database. I don't think that this will work since the database must be up and not in standby mode.
  2. Use Oracle replication. I have heard it is cumbersome and has trouble keeping up with lots of transactions.
  3. Snapshots/materialized views.
  4. Beef up our current machine so that it can handle OLTP transactions and reports.
  5. Since we are using a BMC disk array, we could break the mirror periodically and mount the disks on a new machine.
  6. Other 3rd party replication products.
  7. We could probably use some type of import/exports.

 How are the rest of you doing it? Are there any other options that I  forgot?  

 Tom >>

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