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Re: Oracle Vs Tera Data

From: <>
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2001 12:32:57 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Moving to TeraData was what caused me to leave my previous position.

The idea that Oracle can't handle Terabytes of data is ludicrous.

Pricing? Plan to spend 5x as much on a Teradata solution.

Star schemas? Take a look at how Teradata does joins on a Star schema. It's ridiculous. 7-11 has a huge multi-terabyte DW with tables that have Billions of rows. They can do DW queries against these stars and return results in 7 minutes. ( old data, probably faster now. )

Teradata was designed as a high speed OLTP database. I doubt that they even have much of an advantage in that arena anymore; I think of them as a legacy app that is fighting for survival.

Marketability? Goto and lookup all the jobs for available for Teradata, then look up the same thing for Oracle.

Last time I checked it was 69 nationwide for Teradata, 6900 for Oracle.

Do the math.


On Sun, 4 Feb 2001, Surjit Sharma wrote:

> All
> I wonder if anyone out there has faced the same dilemma as I am facing
> currently. Our database is likely to grow to a couple of Tera bytes. The
> existing hardware is Sun E6500 (8 Gig RAM and 10 CPUs) running SunOs 2.6
> and Oracle 8.1.5. There is suspicion amongst certain hard core Tera Data
> fans that Oracle can't do the following:
> Start schema in Oracle is not suitable for datawarehouses.
> Oracle is not scalable to deal with Tera bytes databases.
> Oracle partitioning is not good enough to do the job.
> I feel that Oracle has been working fine on a Sun box with about 200-300
> Gig of data.
> What is the price/performance of say a Sun Box vs Tera Data. I am sure
> there is a huge difference.
> I appreciate your valuable thoughts.
> Regards
> Surjit

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