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RE: Thanks and another book request

From: Rachel Carmichael <>
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2001 06:30:24 -0800
Message-ID: <>

>Anybody hear Rachel rubbing her hands together after another book sale? :)

I'm betting you REALLY don't know the royalty schedule Oracle Press uses.... trust me, that book sale nets me barely enough for a cup of coffee. (hint, hint, anyone want to buy me one at IOUG? <G>)

Kevin Loney says it takes about 500 hours to write a book (maybe for him, I'm not as smart as he is). I think it took us longer. Figure your rate as a consultant for that number of hours.... Not profitable to write one.

But I AM happy to have helped someone else... I like teaching.

>I have heard that DBA 101 is a very good reference source for day to day
>problems, although it doesn't go indepth (but the name suggest that
>huh..),and I don't personally have a copy - Sorry Rachel :^) Where can I
>buy it from?

101 should not imply in-depth, at least it doesn't in the US. A "101" course in colleges here is usually an introductory course, one that gives you an overview, not necessarily in-depth training. And we did approach Oracle Press about a more in-depth book, a "201" follow-up, to include things we had had to leave out because of restrictions on number of pages, at that time they didn't think it was appropriate... maybe now, if enough people write to them to ask for it?

As for finding a copy -- any online bookseller that sells technical books, as well as any "brick and mortar" store that has them. (no, I won't endorse one over another <G>)


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