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OT- Oracle Training

From: Dan Mills <>
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 18:12:32 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Good Evening,

First let me say that I am in no way speaking for my employer. The situation and issue raised here, while definitely real and occurring in real time, is posed merely for discussion and maybe just to help answer my own Oracle question not found in any manual. I welcome all feedback, positive and negative.


Two long time Oracle DBAs, midway through their careers, secure a steady consulting contract, incorporate, and build a relationship with a major mid-west university to train students and the local IT community through their continuuing education program. They have been successful in consulting and training, through hard work, long nights, intelligence, and diligence. They now employ a unix sysadmin and 12 oracle dbas as consultants and instructors (WOOHOO), have published several SQL and Relational Database design books through MacMillan and SAMS, and per semester, typically sell out 60-70% of seating for their full range of SQL, PL/SQL, Designer, Developer, DBA, and Unix courses. Let me also add that these courses are hands-on Oracle training, not designed to teach someone to take a certification exam, but designed specifically to enable the student to apply the learned skills immediately on the job. They were completely constructed from the ground up by the founders, contributed to by the variously experienced instructors over the last four years, and are grounded in the real life Oracle experience of the founders and instructors.


Oracle Education, I guess now deemed Oracle University, has decided that their *RetroActive* Software licensing agreement does not allow for third party training. The local university, of course, is withdrawing from the Oracle portion of the relationship, while continuing the relationship with my employer for other types of training. Oracle is agressively pursuing an "Oracle University" relationship with the school to offer Oracle training.


With today's shortage and projected, continued shortage of competent IT professionals, can the industry afford not to provide the best Oracle
(majority database market shareholder) training possible, to the
self-motivated, individual developer and future dba (yes, that was me), and the Non-Fortune 500 Oracle shops out there with limited new technology budgets, who need to train their IT staff ?

Are we developers and dbas, who have based our careers on Oracle, or are moving in that direction, time-constrained AND money constrained, to be limited solely to the very expensive "Oracle University" training, affordable only by our employers and only offerred during the day when most developers and dbas are working hard to support their Oracle systems?

And personally, I see two sides of this argument and just want to see what the community thinks:

Is this the best course of action, for the long term, for Oracle and the Oracle Software community?

Again, I appreciate any and all feedback.

Good Evening,
Dan Mills
OCP DBA Consulant and Instructor

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Author: Dan Mills

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