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Oracle8 on NT (/Win2k) backup software

From: Eric D. Pierce <>
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 18:07:36 -0800
Message-ID: <>

We are slowly getting closer to migrating (exp/imp) from Oracle7/Netware to Oracle8/NT (/Win2k), and are doing some budget planning in relation to what backup software to use.

Campus datacenter SAs are telling me that they are currently using Veritas for NT4, but moving to Legato (see appended). Does anyone have any advice on using one or the other for doing Oracle8 on Win2k server? Also, a Oracle8/NT4 dba in another dept. is just using "native NT backup with scripts" (cold backup). I suppose I have that option also, but am wondering if the "native NT backup" has any major downside(s) -say with reference to Netware3 "SBACKUP.NLM" - that any of y'all know about.


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> > ...
> >
> > We currently use Veritas Backup Exec to do our NT/SQL/Exchange backups. It
> > has worked pretty well, and is easy to use. We are upgrading this semester
> > to Legato Systems. Basically we went out looking, Veritas came back with
> > both Backup Exec and Networker (I think), Arcserve and Legato also
> > responded. It came down to pricing, and for all of the features we needed
> > (NT, Changer Support, Multidrive streaming, SQL , Oracle, Exchange, Linux
> > etc) Legato won out.
> >
> > Veritas Networker was incredibly expensive.
> > Veritas Backup Exec (which was formally Seagate Backup Exec) wasn't bad, but
> > I was not happy with them when the started to limit their Enterprise license
> > at Version 8. I currently run 7.3. I'll stay there until we get Legato
> > online.
> >
> > For your needs, I think Veritas Backup Exec or Legato would be good, It
> > would probably just come down to pricing for the options you need. (Most
> > likely, the base single server license and the Oracle add on).
> >
> > As far as the Win2K server, it's up in the air. I would go with whatever
> > Oracle recommends. I wouldn't run any of Win2K's Active Directory services,
> > but as a standard NT server, shouldn't be a problem. Also make sure your
> > backup solution, and any other Third party software supports Win2K,
> > otherwise, play it safe and stay with NT 4.



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