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ora-6508 error

From: John Armani <>
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 06:40:36 -0800
Message-ID: <>

We have an installed product that intermittently will raise an ora-6508 error (could not find program unit ...). I have done some investigating through metalink and had some contact with Oracle support.

We have an pro*C executable calling a stored procedure (that resides in a package) that does an insert into a table. It's and HP-UX environment running Oracle 7.3.4. The error seems to occur during heavy system load: when a batch task that does some intense database access is running at the same time the as the task that gets the error. The system having the trouble is at a customer site, so hands-on investigating is difficult.

The error points to an invalid object (package or stored procedure in this case), but I am quite sure that the package, procedure, and table are valid since:

My questions are ...
  Could there be a resource problem? If the package cannot be   loaded into the shared pool could this possibly be the result?   I would have expected also getting an ora-4031 (out of shared   memory) error, but I have read that the error does not always   appear.

  Should packages be limited in size? It seems like a package can   be "too big", and that this would impact performance if the   shared pool gets fragmented. Does anyone have a rule of thumb   as to when to break up a very large package into smaller units?

  Any ideas on what we can set in init.ora to get a better handle   on what's happening? For example, the best way to set up a trace.

Just wondering if anyone on the list had a similar experience. I'm in digest mode, so directly email me any ideas.

John Armani
ABB Industrial Systems, Inc
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Author: John Armani

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