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RE: Stripe and Mirror Everything - The "S.A.M.E. Method"

From: <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 12:54:10 -0600
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Look for the signature on that paper. Does it perchance say "Marketing Department" anywhere?


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> Sent: Friday, January 12, 2001 12:01 PM
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> Subject: Stripe and Mirror Everything - The "S.A.M.E. Method"
> Here's the url for a white paper titled "Configuring the Oracle Database
> with VERITAS Software and EMC Storage for Optimal Scalability,
> Manageability, and Performance" on Technet:
> The conclusion of the paper is something like "just put everything on
> RAID0+1 and don't worry about file contention by using the 'SAME' method."
> SAME is an acronym for "stripe and mirror everything." They compare the
> old
> "traditional method" of segregating redo logs, RBS, temp, data, index, and
> system tablespaces/datafiles to the SAME method with everything residing
> on
> one large array. They give benchmarks to show that the SAME method
> actually
> performs better.
> Any feedback or criticism of this paper? Does it really reflect the way we
> should configure very large databases? Their test database was 50G.
> I'm curious about the validity of the benchmarks. It seems their
> implementation of the "traditional method" is half hearted. The only files
> they separate are the redo logs. What if they kept the same array as in
> test
> case 2 and duplexed the redo logs on drives outside the array? What if
> they
> went further and implemented physical drive separation with three volumes:
> one for data; one for indexes; and one for system, RBS, and temp
> tablespaces? What if they had a 500G database? Another curious observation
> is that db_block_size was only 4K on a Solaris E3000.
> The paper says, "Today, most Oracle DBAs do not configure an Oracle
> database
> and storage based on the SAME method because that is not how they were
> trained to implement Oracle and storage." It goes on to say, "...with the
> right storage software and hardware solution, we recommend that Oracle
> DBAs
> consider the new SAME approach." Hmmm... are they trying to tell us old
> DBAs
> to keep up with the technology?
> All opinions, humble and otherwise, are earnestly requested.
> Steve Orr
> The curious DBA.
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