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RE: DBA - Job boundaries & perks

From: Weaver, Walt <>
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 08:49:51 -0700
Message-Id: <>

>Jeffery Stevenson wrote:
>I only wear jeans here during the winter...summertime its shorts, tshirts,
>and sandals!
> Seems like there are a lot of bad startup stories out there...any good
>ones people care to share?

Here's one.

Working for a startup here in Bozeman. CRM product is going great guns, we've signed some big players on as customers -- Motorola, Remington, Black&Decker, Proctor&Gamble to name just a few. We were planning on an IPO last month, but delayed it when the stock market went in the tank. We have good enough cash flow to stay private and when things look better we'll try for the IPO again. I'm not counting chickens before they hatch, but maybe all those stock options they gave me will be worth something some day. ;>)

The fellow who started the company has a good track record. He's previously started two successful companies, sold'em, decided to move to Bozeman and retire, got bored and started another one. Like you, summertime attire is shorts, sandals, and t-shirts. However, that kind of attire is strongly discouraged in Montana in winter ;>), so it's blue jeans and sweatshirts. When the blue light is flashing on the Baxter Hotel (which it does when Bridger Bowl has at least four inches of new snow) every effort is made to ensure at least some people can head up and enjoy the powder (it's a 20-minute drive from work).

We're building a "campus" just outside of Bozeman, complete with trout ponds, stream, and park. I'm in charge of the DBA area, just hired a junior DBA, and will be looking for two more next year. Shameless plug: if anyone's looking for a DBA job some time next year and would like to live in Big Sky country, let me know. ;>)

There's a ton of work to do here and it frequently entails long hours and late-night/early morning migrations, but it's worth the effort and fun to be starting at the ground floor with a new company. And, it's nice to have a five-minute commute from my one-acre "ranch" south of Bozeman.

Like Rachel says, it's the little, intangible things that makes a job fun. I make a decent salary, lousy by Silicon Valley standards but great by Montana standards, but it's the intangibles that really make the job rewarding.

Okay, I'm outa here. Time to start vacation. Received on Fri Dec 22 2000 - 09:49:51 CST

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