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RE: DBA - Job boundaries & perks

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Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 09:04:09 -0600
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Quickly, while morale is high - GO FORTH AND SLAY ALL YOUR/YOUR COMPANY'S ENEMIES!!!


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> Subject: RE: DBA - Job boundaries & perks
> The CEO of the place I am now, just asked everyone in the company (less
> than
> 100 of us) to send him an email with our top 10 "best and worst" things
> about our site and the company. And he MEANT it. He'll read them all, and
> will actually listen and try to make changes where possible.
> At the staff meeting, when he handed out the bonus checks -- it was like a
> graduation. He called your name, you came up and shook his hand, got the
> check and EVERYONE applauded. We sang Happy Birthday to a couple of
> people.
> There is a LOT of work to do here. Long hours at times, work through
> lunch,
> work evenings and weekends at home. My junior DBA has to glare at me to
> get
> me away from my desk for a break. And I'm still barely running in place to
> keep up. And it gets frustrating at times (when I actually get 5 minutes
> to
> do my real work, and make an improvement I keep telling my boss "see what
> I
> can do when you let me do what I'm supposed to do?")
> I, like Jeff, took a pay cut to come here. And I've had offers since for a
> LOT more money. But the attitude of the people here, when I can get them
> some information from the database that they can't find, or when I speed
> things up, well.... an email saying "thanks, you rule" is why I stay.
> Tech is usually the "forgotten stepchild" of a company. No one knows who
> you
> are, what you do, and they only know your phone number to call and
> complain.
> Not here.... we do company outings, heck, we went bowling (and boy am I a
> lousy bowler -- and my teammates, kids half my age, just kept encouraging
> me
> and cheering me on). We know names and faces.
> Sometimes the perks are not tangible.... and usually those are the perks
> that are really worth it. I have enough money to pay my bills and buy
> myself
> the occasional toy. More money won't make me happier. Being appreciated
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