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RE: DBA - Job boundaries & perks

From: Michael Kline <>
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 10:13:12 -0500
Message-Id: <>

I get a little casual myself, but when you work in what used to be the family room, now turned office...

Been meaning to speak to myself, but it does no good.

3 phone lines, cable modem, and 5 computers....

Sometimes though it gets a bit "lonely", but I've got several DBA's on ICQ and the rest of the staff, mostly out of Texas will talk from time to time.

My last change was when my last company went bankrupt. The founder was first convinced he could make more money if he would sell controlling interest... Once that was done, he was out in two months. A new Boston office was opened and expenses went up 6 fold, and they got picky in sales only wanting LARGE contracts... of which there were very few... Wasn't it Dicken's that said something about spending more than you make? The inevitable happened...

But it all worked out, doesn't it always?

Michael Alan Kline, Sr.; Sanctuary; 13308 Thornridge Court; Midlothian, VA 23112, USA. Phone: 804-744-9126 E-mail: ICQ: 1009605, 975313 PhoneFree: 1057439

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> Well, an IPO really sucks the life out of a company because it opens the
> company up to the public (and then you have to start catering to the whims
> of the public instead of being able to dedicate all of your time
> doing what
> you do best), and if the IPO does better than originally planned (as in
> overshoots its target number), it really hurts the company (it's good for
> the stockholders, but not as good for the company). A good scenario is to
> get bought by another larger, well-established company and have
> them buy out
> 50-75% of your stock at current valuation (or more depending on
> how well its
> negotiated) and then roll the rest of your stock into their stock. They
> shield you from most of the public eye and you can keep "saving the world"
> or whatever that startup does!
> I only wear jeans here during the winter...summertime its
> shorts, tshirts,
> and sandals!
> Seems like there are a lot of bad startup stories out there...any good
> ones people care to share?
> Jeffery Stevenson
> Chief Databeast Tamer
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