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OT - How greenspan stolen this Christmas!

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Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 11:04:15 -0600
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The really scary/humorous thing is that Money Magazine compared the economy during different political party's tenures and found:

The economy did best: Democratic Executive and Republican Congress   " " " next best: Republican Executive and Democratic Congress
  " " " worse: Democratic Executive and Democratic Congress
  " " " worst of all: Republican Executive and Republican Congress

Hardly scientific, and you couldn't really prove a correlation when you get down to the nitty-gritty, but it made for some fun reading...

Scott Shafer
San Antonio, TX

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> Sent: Thursday, December 21, 2000 7:51 AM
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> Subject: RE: How greenspan stolen this Christmas!
> Just my opinion, but I wouldn't blame Greenspan for the downturn in the
> economy, it can't keep growing forever.
> Interesting coincidence, isn't it, that right after elections in the US
> and
> Canada, the economy slows down. Either they planned the election times
> that
> way, or people see elections as a sort of landmark, and they re-evaluate
> everything. And when people take a closer look at spending, usually they
> cut back for a while.
> For about a week I thought maybe the economic downturn was caused by
> people
> fearing the Republicans, but here in Canada the election didn't change
> anything and we see the same results.
> Re. the nasdaq, I vaguely remember a majority of stock brokers telling
> people that e-stocks were overvalued. I think even Larry Ellison said it.
> Very few people listened to them, because nothing happened for a while.
> Instead of seeing the downturn right away, it took about a year.
> One good thing out of this is that the IPO lure to get people to work for
> less money won't draw as many people from now on.
> Also, people might think a bit more before pouring their money into stocks
> without advice from a broker. Internet trading has made it very easy for
> people to ride the roller-coaster. Unfortunately when the roller-coaster
> is
> the stock market, when you hit those lows... well, you're out of money
> like
> someone standing in front of a slot machine.
> Oracle shares aren't dropping as much as the other ones, are they? Time
> to
> buy, perhaps, but don't take my advice I have no money. At least it saved
> me from the nasdaq plunge. Maybe if I sell my house, I could live in my
> car
> for a year, and next year I will be able to buy a bigger house!
> I suspect that the companies who actually produce something (not just web
> services) will prove more solid than the others, because the others are
> totally subject to people's whims. e.g. "Oh, forget about this portal
> site,
> this other portal site is much better now!" Same with search engines.
> Same
> with Internet shopping malls. Same with e-retailers. Hmm what does that
> do
> to their stability.
> : )
> This is my opinion and my opinion only, I generated this whimsical wisdom
> all on my own.
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