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ORA-3113 with 8i Release 2 (was RE: so my boss insists on using o

From: Boivin, Patrice J <>
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 10:23:01 -0400
Message-Id: <>


I installed 8i here on a test server on December 2nd. The installati= on went
well, no problems reported by the Universal Installer.

I could always connect locally, but whenever I tried to connect from = my
workstation Oracle returned ORA-3113 errors. Once I noticed another = error,
"server failed to create dedicated server process" or something of th= e sort.
Yesterday I spent hours looking at the SQL*Net configuration in tnsnames.ora, listener.ora, sqlnet.ora, and initSID.ora. The more I = looked
at them, the more confused I became, and the Oracle manuals didn't he= lp -- I
got the impression that one can only understand what they say if one = already
understands what they mean. To top it all off the GUI tools like Net= 8
Configuration Assistant created strange entries in those files. I ev= en
tried cutting and pasting SQL*net settings from an Oracle7 database s= erver
to see if that would work. No success.

I vaguely remember that once, while logging in through svrmgrl from t= he
command line, I managed to connect. But after issuing one command (s= hutdown
abort) svrmgrl told me I had been disconnected. I must have tried to connect fifty different times, using different methods, yesterday.

There was nothing in Metalink about connection problems, you would th= ink if
network connections to 8i release 2 didn't work at all people would h= ave
I patched 8.1.6 to, given the patches on oracle-ftp serve= r
( had a readme file, but no patch file was in that directo= ry).

Finally two days ago I said to myself "forget this", de-install 8i Re= lease 2
and start over.
I re-installed. Everything went well, until I clicked OK at the end = of the
"successful installation".

Right away I got the NT Blue Screen of Death. Surprise!

I cycled my test server, and started Task Manager as soon as I could.=   I
looked at memory usage.
Well, with over 700M of Virtual Memory, NT showed memory usage up to = 690M
and the red CPU kernel activity line remained at a constant 100 perce= nt. I
hadn't seen THAT before.

I stopped the Oracle services and the NT machine calmed down. I allocated more virtual memory, a range of 256-512M more on a second=  drive,
so now I would have over 1G of virtual RAM on it. I rebooted, and Oracle 8i Release 2 works like a charm, my test serve= r is
98-100 percent idle now.

Memory before:
Commit Charge Limit 762 680
Total Physical Memory: 392 628
Peak was 690M plus, I didn't write the exact figure down yesterday.

Memory after adding extra virtual memory: Limit 1 024 764
Total Physical Memory: 392 628
Peak 309 052

This is with Oracle8i idle, no user sessions at all, and with no opti= ons.
The Web server is stopped, every Oracle service but the database serv= er and
the TNS listener are stopped. The database is the default one the in= staller
creates when you pick Typical installation.

I could connect via the network, no problem.

Given the NT screen of death I saw yesterday, I am going to remove al= l of 8i
Release 2 from my test server, and re-install. Just to ensure a prop= er

The strange thing is, even though there was enough to install 8i, at = boot
time the NT kernel went beserk and spent all its time doing memory management. At least that is my guess. I suppose it aims to leave a certain amount of memory free at all times, hence the frenzied activi= ty.
(NT apparently goes beserk when your virtual memory utilisation excee= ds 130%
of your physical memory.)

The Universal Installer said nothing about running out of memory duri= ng the
original installation! What a mess.

Moral of the story: Don't install 8i Release 2 on a machine with les= s than
2G of RAM, and watch memory utilisation carefully. =20

If you plan to use iFS, I think you need 500M of RAM per user per pro= tocol
server. (4 users... 2G of RAM for just one protocol server). Given=  the
number of known limitations to iFS on NT, I am not going to try that = anytime

If you plan to make that server a web server, I would put even more t= han 2G
of physical RAM on the machine.

Are you sure you have enough memory to allow for connections to your = server?

My guess is I had a problem with SQL*Net connections because NT didn'= t have
enough memory to spawn a dedicated server process.

This is a bit off topic but if anyone knows how to speed up Java on N= T,
please let me know. =20

Patrice Boivin
Systems Analyst (Oracle Certified DBA)

Systems Admin & Operations | Admin. et Exploit. des syst=E8mes
Technology Services        | Services technologiques
Informatics Branch         | Direction de l'informatique=20
Maritimes Region, DFO      | R=E9gion des Maritimes, MPO


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> From:=09Joseph S. Testa []
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> To:=09Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L
> Subject:=09so my boss insists on using oracle on NT sp6
> and when he's not connected to the network(while at work or at home=
), he
> tries to connect and gets a 3113 error, i'm sure its a networking t=
> but since i'm remote(and its NT) i can't exactly logon and check th=
> out.

> i'm sure one you all have dealt with this, any help would be greatl=
> appreciated.


> thanks, joe

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