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Re: question about locally managed tablespaces..

From: Madhavan Amruthur <>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 08:28:28 -0800
Message-Id: <>

Hi Bunyamin,

> Question1 : In locally managed tablespaces , The book says
>that I can not use 'default storage'. As I know the default storage in
>dictionary managed tablespaces are applied to the objects created in that
>tablespace without specifying a storage clouse. So In locally managed
>tablespaces , Do I have to write the storage clouse for all objects created
>in that tablespace.( for ex. for every table I created).

No. This means that for locally managed tablespaces default storage clauses will not have any effect because all extents will be the size of the uniform extent size you have defined. For eg: in your case all extents will be 10M when allocated and if you check the dba_extents view you will see all extents are of equal size even if you specify a storage clause for the table.

> Question 2 : Can I say that equality ? 'Uniform Size 10M'
>take extents each of 10M when 100M is used .

That is what it means. But when you have a 100M datafile you will get only 9, 10M extents and to get all 10 your datafile size should be 102400 + 64 = 102464K. The 64K is needed for the bitmap.

> Question 3 : Think I am using dictionary managed tablespaces .
> > Create tablespace xxx
> Datafile 'D:\.....\xxx1dbf'
> size 100M
> minimum extent 500K
> Default Storage ( initial 500K next 500K
>maxextents 500 pctincrease 0);
> What does that mean?
> Tablespace size =100M and enlarge by taking 500K extents if 100M

This means that the size of the first extent and the size of the subsequent extents will be 500K and there will be a max of 500 extents that can be allocated in this tablespace and will error out if trying to create more than 500 extents. The Oracle manual gives extensive information regarding the storage parameters and how they behave.

>??? Is it ?
> What does datafile enlarging(autoextent on)
>means then ? Datafile is in tablespace and tablespace enlarges so do I have
>to assign 'autoextent on' for a datafile ????

Yes, you have to indicate that the datafile autoextends when it runs out of space and depending on what parameters you give for the autoextend, it will extend as required.

Hope this helps


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