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(Fwd) OT: death of "PC" / Re: Happy Holidays to all of you!

From: Eric D. Pierce <>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 15:58:11 -0800
Message-Id: <>

suggestion for some light holiday reading:


It is a joke about "political correctness", which is a strained mentality premised on the idea that there are no real differences between people.

In typical colloqial use, it is usually a way of insulting or criticising liberals/leftists - or others that take "cultural relativism" to extremes.

Example: a horrified "conservative" (financial advisor) told me that the City of Eugene, Oregon, (a college town with a high proportion of liberals) had decided that it was against their policy to support public display of christmas decorations because this would violate "separation of church and state".

My brother used to reside in Eugene, and since he made a living in the timber (wood) industry, he told me many stories of environmental extremists and terrorists, eg, some "hippies" climbed into some small trees (in the urban core) to protest against the city cutting them down in order to expand a parking lot. One time when I was driving there on vacation, I heard some environmental extremists on a "talk radio" show advocating terrorism (sabotage of equipment).

My wife is from Spain, and I compare such nonsense to the ETA bombings in Barcelona. My wife's sister is a lawyer with the welfare dept. The govt. building she works in was bombed by ETA recently, and a politician killed. Like the Basques, they are an ethnic "minority" in Spain (catalan), but since the leading catalan political party is "pro-business", and has formed a coalition with the right wing central government party, the ETA (basque extremists) are "making an example" of the catalans (who have historically tried to gain autonomy!).

Sick (IMO).

Look up "Jurgen Habermas" (the last Marxist) on a search engine, and you will see the death of "PC". Habermas used rationalism to show that rationalist/atheistic/materialist philosophy would always lead to "oppression", and this shows how "liberal" welfare state politics (socialism) is a failure since it requires the forcible imposition of a non-religious/atheistic ideological basis on the people's "lifeworld". Similar for technocapitalism.

Obviously that is "un-natural".

(any residents of the list that are formally trained in philosophy are invited to critique my off-the-cuff summary.)

This may not be the best example, but start here since it is an attempt to apply Habermas' social theory to computer issues:


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> Understanding this is difficult for non-US inhabitant.
> It seems to be a greeting, isn't it?
> Viatcheslav
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> > So please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit my best wishes
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