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RE: Cognos Expertise? Urgent

From: lerobe - Lee Robertson <>
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 08:00:21 -0000
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I'm with Hannah on this one. My last company were pushed down this road by overly aggressive sales people. When this product started being used by the users to generate reports etc. there was no structure to the queries used and rollback segments started blowing up all over the place, other things were slowing down etc. etc. As Hannah stated, the sort of stuff they were using it for could have been done better and more efficiently by adhoc procedures, written in house.

Ugghhh - I'd almost forgotten about all of that !!!!

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It IS costly! And if your are not running marketing numbers, then not very intuitive either! We hired a consultant to build a cube for us a long time ago
(after a year ago) . Months after he has been far gone, we found issues with
the setup. The underlying queries are pulling up multiple records in the total
counts.....ahhhh.... so much for user testing and unfortunately I was NOT involved in that phase of the project.

I was basically trying to redefine a dimension with a new query, but the whole
cube went berserk.

I am recommending that we review the users requirements and bring in another consultant. The thing that REALLY irks me is that the end reports that the users want are something that I could have done with sql and views! However,
they felt that they wanted to be able to slice and dice the data (drill downs
etc), but unfortunately the product is so complex that the users are unable to
do it themselves.

Then when I got called in, I see that the data cube is wrong anyway! The users
have spent SO much money thus far that they wont allow me to re-write the reports using sql. Sooooo, they will spend much more money now bringing in a
consultant to make their prize software work!

Ok. Enough rant. Going for a little walk, take a little break, then will come
back and throw my computer out of the window!


Satar Naghshineh <> on 12/14/2000 12:00:25 PM

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     I just met with them. costly product. What exactly do u want to know?


> Hello again list,
> Anyone out there familar with the 3-dimensional data reporting tool
> called
> Cognos? Can anyone direct me to a list of site or consultant who might
> specialize in the area?
> Thanks,
> Hannah

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