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Re: Q: Ora 7.3.5, 8.1.5 and 8.1.6 on same NT machine?

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Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 08:02:48 -0500
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I have not done this, but there should be some papers on Oracle site. The problem you will most likely experience is the difference in file configuration (8 and above support OFA), the directory structure was completely different in 7x. Plus you will need to reasearch the registry entries that conrol oracle and its default file locations. Also there were issues in 7x will multiple oracle homes. I remember opeing a tar for this in 7x, oracle sent me script with BATCH files to change the oracle home for each app and changing registry values each time! What a mess, I refused to implement such a messy technical workaround! and it came from Oracle itself! ugh!

I would search the interent. I have seen many articles and papers on this subject but did not have the need to look into it. BUT, I would research the matter thoroughly first amd implement only after every single last question has been answered and also search for messages of people who had issues doing it in order to be prepared.

Sorry t6hat I can't remember the links. If I get time today, I do an initial for you and post it.


Schoen Volker <> on 12/07/2000 10:33:11 PM

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Hi list,

I have a NT Box with Oracle 7.3.4 and Oracle 8.1.5 installed. Now I lik= e to
install Oracle 8.1.6 on the same box (no upgrade, parallel to the other=

versions). Anyone had done the same or some expierences with such a environment?

TIA Volker Sch=F6n

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