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Re: OFFTOPIC: [ultimate UPS & disabled access requirements]

From: Eric D. Pierce <>
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 13:11:42 -0800
Message-Id: <>


Great seeing you post again. How is the new job going? Also, congrats on getting your picture on Oracle's web site (OraMag?)!

Since no one seems to have touched on the ultimate UPS, I'll mention that the central campus server machine room here has a heavy duty deisel generator (mounted on roof) to back up power supply. Since we are right next to a major river that has a history of flooding, the machine room is on the 3rd floor. All the critical servers (50 machines?) are in free standing sheet metal boxes that are about 4 feet wide X 4 feet deep by 6 feet tall. Looks kind of like little cabins with shallow pitch metal roofs, and glass doors. This presumaby prevents sprinkler damage, etc. in case of fire, plumbing leaks from floors above, and so forth.

Re: raised floors. check for *disabled access requirement* on the ramp angles. If your architect/designer/consultant does something dumb, and doesn't get it right, your network/ electrical guys will be very p*ssed off since they might not have the wiring clearances they need after adjustments are made. adjustments would usually consist of lowering the height of a raised floor in order to lower the ramp angle to "legal" specs (see building codes). Other disabled access issues would concern door width (and security system use?) and aisle space. There are endless others. Double check the qualifications of any architect to do this work correctly since you could have major legal problems in case compliance is challenged.

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> If you are in a flood prone area, don't locate it in the ground floor
> (first floor in America).


> ... UPS (with
> facilities to page when there is a power failure), airconditioning, etc.
> Door sizes and elevator access as well are an issue.
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