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OT: phallicitations/ Re: WAAYYY OT: RE: FreeOCP

From: Eric D. Pierce <>
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2000 11:44:58 -0800
Message-Id: <>

hear, hear...


   "Forgetting Baudrillard: Neocultural discourse and
    subconceptual deconstruction

    Martin R. S. Prinn
    Department of Politics, University of Oregon

    1. The capitalist paradigm of reality and postdialectic cultural

       If one examines subconceptual deconstruction, one is faced
       with a choice: either reject neocultural discourse or conclude
       that sexuality may be used to exploit the underprivileged.
       Thus, an abundance of sublimations concerning pretextual
       narrative exist. 

       In the works of Smith, a predominant concept is the concept of
       capitalist culture. Marx suggests the use of neocultural
       discourse to read and analyse society. Therefore, the
       characteristic theme of the works of Smith is the role of the
       writer as participant. 

       'Class is part of the absurdity of reality,' says Sartre;
       however, according to Humphrey[1] , it is not so much class
       that is part of the absurdity of reality, but rather the
       dialectic, and subsequent failure, of class. Marx uses the
       term 'subconceptual deconstruction' to denote a 
       self-justifying totality. But if the postsemantic paradigm of
       context holds, we have to choose between neocultural discourse
       and capitalist discourse. "



The essay you have probably just seen is 
[***]completely meaningless[***] 
and was randomly generated by the Postmodernism Generator. To 
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The Postmodernism Generator was written by Andrew C. Bulhak 
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More detailed technical information may be found in Monash University 
Department of Computer Science Technical Report 96/264: "On the 
Simulation of Postmodernism and Mental Debility Using Recursive 
Transition Networks". An on-line copy is available here  

[ modernism ].  


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> save the political correctness, too much of that crap goes on already,
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