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NEW : OFF TOPIC : Oraperl for WIN2000

From: Andrey Bronfin <>
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 13:43:48 +0200
Message-Id: <>

HI !
Many thanks to all who have responded to my previous posting . Now i have a new question .
I've installed DBI & DBD-Oracle packages , but i couldn't connect to DB , and i'm having the following error :

DBI->connect failed: a (DBD: login failed, check ORACLE_HOME/bin is on your PATH) . ORACLE_HOME/bin is in my PATH indeed and i don't know what else to look at .... I'm staled with it for several days already . Would U please give me a tip about htis ... Thanks VERY much in advance .

Andrey .

> Hi Andrey,
> I didn't see a response to your question, perhaps I missed it, but it's
> very simple -- not obvious to most people that have done installs
> before, but still simple.
> Check out the HTML docs that get installed with Active Perl. From the
> first page there's a link to "Installing Modules". That page talks about
> the "Perl Package Manager" (PPM) which you run from a DOS prompt. If
> you're connected to the internet, you can use this tool to download and
> install all kinds of modules, including the DBI (Database Interface) and
> Oracle DBD (Database Driver) packages. (If you're not connected to the
> internet, I *think* the page gives details for workarounds.)
> These modules (DBI/DBD) are a great way to access Oracle from within
> Perl. These are the "newer versions" of the routines which started as
> OraPerl, and it's well worthwhile the effort to convert any old OraPerl
> code to them, as they are standard and they have multiple database
> drivers (not just Oracle) available.
> I would also recommend checking out the main Perl page;
> look under the section "Programming with Perl" and follow the
> "databases" link for a lot more info!
> HTH,
> *Dale*
> Andrey Bronfin wrote:
> > HI , dear DBAs ! I'm looking for a source to get Oraperl ( or
> > something similar ) in order to be able to work with Oracle DB using
> > ActivePerl on Windows2000 .Would anyone please point me to a source (
> > a binary is much preferable ) .I searched through all the yahoo and
> > didn't succeed . There are many sources , but none for Windows
Received on Tue Dec 05 2000 - 05:43:48 CST

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