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From: Jeffery Stevenson <>
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 08:50:04 -0600
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  Every person should be judged on their own individual merits...a veteran DBA without OCP might have a box at home (or at work) where they take the latest and greatest and play with all the new features to figure out how they work and see what kind of advantages they bring. You could have a DBA with lots of years of experience recorded and an OCP that has just been soaking up money in a big contract for a consulting firm somewhere (and not really doing much), but they've had lots of time to take the tests (until they passed them all). There are too many variables in this world to judge a situation without getting all of the details...keeping that in mind, I cannot agree with your viewpoint that an OCP DBA with experience is going to be better than any other DBA--every situation is different. When interviewing other DBAs, I might make initial judgements after reviewing their resume, but (unless that resume is really, really bad) I won't rule them out until I've had a chance to talk with them. The DBA market is a tight market, why rule out any potentially good employee/help based on years of experience or a piece of paper? None of that can tell me exactly what kind of heart, will, intelligence, common sense, personality, or learning ability a person has. OCP and years of experience have definite merits when trying to get HR's attention and jacking prices in contracts, but if the person behind all that isn't really that good...

  Sorry about the rant, but I just couldn't sit back and listen to all this without saying something...

Jeffery Stevenson
Chief Databeast Tamer
Medical Present Value, Inc.
Austin, TX

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From: Rama Malladi [] Sent: Monday, December 04, 2000 4:51 PM
To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L Subject: RE: FreeOCP

Hi friends!
 There is a lots of talk about Paper DBAs on this message board. With due respect to all the veteran DBAs without OCP and new DBAs with OCP, I would like to make few comments from my own personal experience (spanning 9 years+ in USA, Europe and India)

 I have come across lots of long time DBAs with no OCP, who frown on OCP DBAs. Working closely with them, I noticed that these longs really count the hours to bill the clients. To my dismay, I came across 10+ years Oracle DBAs who had no clue about OPS, Partitioning, Snapshots, Stand by etc... They have gained experience over the years only because the client could not find a better alternative.

 At the same time, in the interviews and at work, I come across lots of new OCP DBAs who can do the job, but need lots support and help from the other DBAs. (It is sort of baby sitting).

 I was a DBA without OCP for long time and I had no problem in finding jobs without OCP. After I started preparing for OCP, I came to know of so many things that I did not know before. In my humble opinion, any OCP DBA with experience is lot better than a OCP DBA without experience or an experienced DBA without OCP.

 OCP helped me as a DBA to understand things that I did not know before. It took lots of time, confidence and enthusiasm to be a OCP DBA and change my self in the process.

 Without OCP, I would have been a Pumpkin DBA, doing clueless things in a random and unilateral way. Let's face it... OCP or No OCP is a matter of choice. But it helps to be OCP than be left-out and looking at SOUR GRAPES!!! Rama
OCP DBA with experience!


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Author: Rama Malladi

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