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(Fwd) Outline: Java Virtual Machine(JVM) within RDBMS...

From: Eric D. Pierce <>
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 13:11:28 -0800
Message-Id: <>


  1. Overview of web application architecture
  2. Overview of Java components of web application architecture JSP, Applets, Servlets, SQLJ, JDBC, Enterprise Java Beans
  3. Database connectivity for Java components
  4. Overview of role of RDBMS in the architecture
  5. Architecture of Java Virtual Machine
  6. Role of Java multithreading vis a vis RDBMS session management
  7. Implications of per database session JVM
  8. Architecture of Oracle8i
  9. Under the hood: A shopping car application deployed on Weblogic Server 10 Compare with same application when deployed in Oracle8i

Dear IT Professional,

The Sacramento Oracle Users Group is pleased to invite you to its presentation on "Java Virtual Ma chine(JVM) within RDBMS: Exploring JServer of Oracle8i" . You can sign up at html/events.htm .

Date: December 14th, 2000

Time: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Venue: Forest Suite, University Union
California State University, Sacramento
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819

Speakers: Foreword by Don Warner, Chair Department of Computer Science, California State University , Sacramento

Ravi Verma, Practice Manager
Shahid Ali, Senior Architect
Annams Systems Corporation  

Refreshments - Will be provided  

Java has been a phenomenon. The language has gained popularity and acceptance with a breathtaking p ace which can be attributed as much to the beauty of the language as to lots of other things that  has happened as by-product of Java's rise to fame. The in-depth knowledge of object-oriented devel opment is no longer confined to a select group of few. Large numbers of young Java programmers unde rstand and practice the nuances of object orientation very well thanks to their exposure to Java.

Component based architecture has received fair amount of attention since Sun introduced Enterprise Java Bean(EJB) specification. More and more IT professionals are educating themselves with details of EJBs. The concept of multi tier has been around since long, the concept of MVC (Model-View-Contr oller) is not new. Still Java can be credited with triggering a fresh interest in MVC style of dev elopment. Developers, who had earlier limited themselves to writing application code, now take comp onent approach seriously paying attention to database schema and middle tier.

Relational databases play major role in this architecture. Most of the requests made to a web site have something to do with data residing in a database. There is always high volume transaction bet ween the web server and the database. The importance can be gauged by the number of books on JDBC .

Oracle Corporation recognized the importance of Java API and Database communication and created the  Java Virtual Machine (JVM) right into the database server. Anticipated advantage of this approach is faster response time for Java programs which interact with the database. This also means that de velopers working on server side Java code have to know working of the database. It has become possi ble to use a combination of Sqlj, Java, JSP, CORBA alongwith PL/SQL to develop server side web appl ication.

Java executes platform-independent bytecodes on top of a JVM, which in turn deals with the specific  hardware platform. Anytime you add levels within software, your performance is degraded. Because J ava requires going through an intermediary to interpret platform-independent bytecodes, a degree of  inefficiency exists for Java applications that does not exists within a platform-dependent languag e, such as C. To address this issue, several JVM suppliers create native compilers. Native compiler s translate Java bytecodes into platform-dependent native code. This eliminates the interpreter ste p and improves performance. Oracle8i uses static compilation to deliver its core Java class librari es, the Aurora/ORB, and JDBC code in natively compiled form.

This presentation explores components of web application that interact with database JSP, Java Appl ets, Java Servlets, CORBA. The speakers will share their experience of deploying these components outside the database and inside the database and provide a comparison.


Foreword by
Don Warner - Don Warner has been teaching in the Sac St. Computer Science Dept since 1978. Aside fr om originating much of the DB curriculum, he has actively consulted in Sacramento, especially for S tate of CA agencies. He was recently elected Chair of the Department.  

His advanced education includes:
M.S. Claremont Graduate School (Mathematics) Ph.D. Texas A&M University (Computer Science)

Ravi Verma - Ravi is Practice Manager at Annams Systems Corporation. At Annams he is responsible fo r managing and ensuring timely execution of projects. His experience with web application goes back  to 1995 when he helped a startup put Time encyclopedia on the web. Currently he is providing archi tectural support to . He experience spans over twelve years covering multitude of tec hnologies including Java, Palm OS, C/C++, WAP, XML, JSP, Unix, VMS, Windows NT, Java Web Server, II S, Apache Web Server, Data Warehousing, Data Modeling, Database Administration.

He has authored and presented articles on Web Performance Modeling, Internet Architecture, OLAP on Internet/Intranet, Data Warehousing.

He earned Bachelor in Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India in 1988.

He is involved with many non-government organizations working for computer education for children f rom underprivileged countries.

Shahid Ali - Shahid Ali is a Senior Architect at Annams System Corporation. He is responsible for p roviding technical leadership at Annams projects. Presently he is leading Annams team at Miller Fre eman. He has expertise in vast array of technologies like Java, JDK, HTML, Oracle Application Serve r 4.x, Java Web Server, ATG, SQL*Net and ODBC Over TCP/IP, JDBC.

In the past he has been involved with the Tele-TV project of Pacific Video Services.

Shahid has earned his BS and MS in computer science from, FAST Institute of Computer Science, Unive rsity of Karachi, Pakistan. Before becoming an IT consultant, he was teaching Operating Systems to undergraduate classes at FAST Institute of Computer Science, University of Karachi, Pakistan. Received on Mon Dec 04 2000 - 15:11:28 CST

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