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RE: ORA - 02266 -unique/primary keys in table referenced by enabl

From: Jeffery Stevenson <>
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 07:58:44 -0600
Message-Id: <>

  The foreign key probably has the "on cascade delete" option enabled. Check to see if all of the child records that relate to the prod_master record got deleted as well. This option does not work with truncate
(because of how truncate processes the transaction it can't account for
referential integrity, so it will not allow you to truncate a table if any other table is "actively" references it). HTH

Jeffery Stevenson
Chief Database Geek
Medical Present Value, Inc.
Austin, TX

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Dear DBA Gurus,

     I have a question for you which may sound trivial. I beg a pardon if it sounds basic to anyone for having asked it. I have two tables by name prod_master and prod_details. They are master and detail tables respectively i.e. there is a foreign key relationship between these two tables with some data in both the tables. When I try to issue the statement truncate table prod_master it is giving the above mentioned error where as when I issue the statement delete from prod_master and then issue commit I am able to delete the records. How is it happening? This occurs even if I delete all the records from the detail table. Can anybody explain me as to why this is happening? Any views in this regard will be highly appreciated.

TIA and regards,


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