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Re: More RMAN questions...

From: Ruth Gramolini <>
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 14:15:26 -0500
Message-Id: <>

I will give them a try. See attempts in line. ...
> 1) When I take a full db backup with RMAN, it creates one backup set (i.e.
> in my test environment one file: full_db_00001234_4.bck with about 600 MB
> size).
> This file contains backups of all tablespaces, right?
Yes, but if you run over the 2gig limit you will have to limit the files per backupset so that the backupsets don't go over 2 gig.

> What happens if a tablespace and a datafile (from another tbs) go corrupt?
> Do I have to restore old image copies of those files and do restore from
> there? Or does the full_db_00001234_4.bck backup set from RMAN contain all
> the information needed (i.e. also re-creates tablespaces and datafiles)?

The full backup will take care of it. You can restore the entire database to recover the corrupt files. If you do a TSPITR it is more but it can be done.

> 2) How do I schedule a database job to execute RMAN stored scripts
> periodically?

OEM Backup Manager can do this for you or use CRON on a UNIX box.
> The way I do it now is that I have a batch file that is run at specific
> times:
> rman target sys/xxxxx_at_taz rcvcat rman/xxxxxx_at_pepe
> cmdfile 'c:\Oracle\admin\taz\backup\full_db_backup.rmn'
> log 'c:\Oracle\admin\taz\backup\full_db_backup.log'

This works too.
> 3) Since I switched from cold backup to RMAN backups, how do I tell RMAN
> only backup the archived logs that are created from now on?
> By specifying (archivelog all) RMAN also tries to archive old log (that I
> have already deleted). Or do I have to catalog every new archived log
> manually?

Have rman do the deletions when he finishes backing them up and then you won't have this problem. Of you can go through and uncatalog deleted archivelogs but this is a royal pain.
> Once I'm all set up with RMAN here, I'll post a detailed memo of the
> pitfalls to get RMAN going on NT/Win2k to the list.

Good luck! The work is worth the rewards. Regards,Ruth
> This is 8.1.6 on Win2k.
> Thanks,
> Helmut
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