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Re:RE: PeopleSoft - Oracle to Sql Server 7

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Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2000 11:52:49 -0400
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When I attended the PeopleSoft Upgrade class they had us running SQL Server7 as the database server. We were dealing with DB's of less than 1GB. 4 days of class, 4 database crashes. I'd say this is not just shooting your self in the foot, but using a 20MM in the process.

Now on a seperate note, I can unserstand the client wanting to make the change for economic reasons. If Oracle, and specifically Larry, don't get their heads back on straight their going to price themselves (and us right along with them) out of the market. Especially in the small to medium shops.

Dick Goulet

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Subject: RE: PeopleSoft - Oracle to Sql Server 7 Author: "Gogala; Mladen" <> Date: 10/9/00 7:51 AM

That is approximately like driving your car off a cliff to see what happens. This is not a
migration. This is shooting yourself in the foot. Migration goes the other way round.

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I have a customer with a 4-5 gig PeopleSoft database in Oracle. Not only do they have that one, but also a "test" and an "empty" PeopleSoft database.  

They want to simply migrate this to Sql Server and I would assume want all three migrated.. Then I guess they'll get the client/server combo that will run against Sql Server instead of oracle...  

I can't help feel it's more than simply moving the tables over.. There are a ton of owners, etc.... As far as I know, triggers and other things that are not going to "Move..."  

Has anyone else been through this "trial run" and what happened?    

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