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RE: DBA's salary range for Down Under

From: Rachel Carmichael <>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 20:13:13 GMT
Message-Id: <>

I *hope* that the UK salary is a typo -- 720,000 pounds is the equivalent of 150,000 dollars?????? <G>

Don't know if I would die of boredeom in Montana, I like cold weather and snow, although I don't and won't ski (vertigo combined with a fear of heights, and no, the two are NOT the same!). And my hobbies tend to be "quiet" -- needlework, reading, time with friends, email (okay, so I'm an addict.. hello my name is Rachel and I am an emailoholic)

Dunno why you'd go nuts in NYC, it's possible to live and work here and still be "small town". While I technically grew up in NYC (Queens County), that is worlds different than Manhattan (which everyone, including the mayor, seems to think *is* NYC). I live in a fairly small town just outside of NYC now, 50,000 people, and commute to the city. So I have the best of both worlds... a real community lifestyle with access to "bright lights".

And for those on this list who get upset with people talking about something that is not Oracle...... you need a life. Getting to know one another here by sharing opinions and information is the best way to network and have someone you can ask your Oracle question of later on :)

>From: Dave Morgan <>
>To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L <>
>Subject: RE: DBA's salary range for Down Under
>Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 08:15:29 -0800
>Hi All,
> Having worked (and lived) in all of the following places
> here is a rough chart of quality of life for an equivalent
> income. Highest at the top, almost poverty level at
> the bottom.
> Calgary and San Antonio are almost equal in
> quality of life per currency unit
> Very good lifestyle:
> Calgary, Alberta, Canada: $CAN72000 = $US50000
> San Antonio, Texas, US: $US72000 = $US72000
> Toronto, Ontario, Canada: $CAN72000 = $US50000
> London, England: #720000 = $US150000
> San Francisco, California, US: $US72000
> Poverty
> (No English pound sign on my keyboard :{ )
> As Rachel and Dick said, it is not how much you get that matters,
> it is how much it can buy. Housing and the cost of transportation
> are the two biggest factors to check when considering relocating.
> Also, the type of lifestyle should be considered. Walt (Weaver)
> and I would go crazy in NYC (I am close to insane in Silicon
> Valley, as it is) while Rachel would probably die of boredom
> in Bozeman, Montana.
> (If not true Rachel, please forgive me, I just needed an example)
>Dave Morgan
>Senior Database Administrator
>Internet Barter Inc.
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