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Designer 6i Bugs

From: Mahmoud Reza Zare <>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 22:34:55 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <>

Dear Friend,

I have great problems with Oracle Designer 6i since I installed it and migrated my previous works from Designer 6.

First of all it made a great deal of problems when migrating. It was such a long and silly operation and it also failed while migrating the subordinate users of the repository. After my team strted working in the new environment we came to the place where we had to use Application Design Transformer to trnsform our functions to module. At this time we understood that all entries in the language setting for the module to be created are repeated more than once. For example there are 4 Visual Basic in the list for 'Screen.' More importantly it did not work and prodcued an error within a PL/SQL package.

I solved the problem by creating a new empty clean repository and importing only a subset of the application systems. Right now it works but as described below:

  1. All the object sharings between application system in Designer 6 repository are missed and we built them up again.
  2. When you copy say an ERD from one application to another it's shape is destroyed.
  3. Following the hierarchy of a migrated set of functions (from a function to its descendants) is impossible.
  4. Function-Attribute uasages are all missed and built them up again from scratch.
  5. The last error was that we could not save an ERD. It produced a unique constraint error. But we could 'Save as' it easily with the same name and structure without error. Of course it was all after we had lost two ERDs without notification. We saved them successfully and came to understand that they no longer exist.

Deos anyboy has such experiences and could you please help me with that.

Thanks a lot
Mahmoud Reza Zare (

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