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Re: Failover with Oracle8 Parallel server

From: Andrew Timpo <>
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 21:52:46 -0400
Message-Id: <>

We experienced the same thing at our site when testing failover with OPS. Basically, you are running into a TCP timeout problem. I'm no networking god, but my understanding is that when you issue a packet to a host that's "dead" (not responding on the networking layer), there is a default timeout that TCP will wait to get a response before declaring that connection "down". I called support up about it & they claimed nothing could be done (not that I think otherwise; I just don't know enough about networking to validate or dispute their claim; the MPP group at support is great). Everyone I had spoken to about altering the default TCP timeout suggested that it would have bad impacts if the kernel were altered in this manner (even assuming it could be done, which I don't know).

Our normal tnsnames.ora part goes like this:



I wrote a script such that if a node death was detected, a new copy of tnsnames.ora was copied in so that the living node would be listed first...



This way, if node_1 was down, it would skip the TCP timeout issue, and connect to something that would hook up immediately.

Hope this helps!

Andrew Timpo

Penny Keefe wrote:

> Anyone have any experience with Oracle8 Parallel server? We are having
> difficultly failing over when the network connection is pulled from the
> server (similulating a network card or connection failure). To be more
> specific-- We have a program that uses OCI to connect to the database.
> When we pull the network connection it takes 3 minutes before sqlnet
> sends an error message. I was wondering if there is anyway to shorten
> the response time to a minute or less. The verison of Oracle is 8.0.5
> and we use local hostnaming (tnsnames) to connect to the server.
> I have had many suggestions from people in the field that say to edit
> the listener.ora file. Since the client never makes a connection to the
> server, I don't think this is the right file to edit.
> Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Penny
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