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Re: Oracle 8.1.6 install on Linux

From: Oweson Flynn <>
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 07:53:48 +0200
Message-Id: <>

Hi Michael,

I've just been through quite a painful process of trying to get 8.1.5 installed on RedHat 6.2. We kept getting errors withe installer - it basically did nothing!

Eventually, we went to the install/linux directory (I think) where there was a runInstaller executable, and a shell script. Running the worked for a while, until we modified our .bashrc to set up the oracle environment. Then it wouldnt run either. We cat-ted the, which basically called/loaded a lot of jave modules, and then had 3 paramaeters right at the end (%1 %2 %3). We then 'executed' a cat by typing `cat` (the quote is the mark below the tilde character ~), and then it worked.

But the final solution was to get a copy of 8.1.6, and it installed like a dream. Out only problem now is creating a DAD for the OAS Oracle Application Server we have installed as well.

Let me know if this helps at all, and if you fix it, tell me what / how you did it. I am not a Linux expert, but can get by in Unix.

Oweson Flynn

Certified Oracle DBA
The Flynn Consultancy
Tel: 082-600-7-006
Fax: (011) 782-9313

> Has anyone ever seen the Oracle Installer *not* work on Linux Mandrake 7.2
> [RedHat 6.x compatible]? The first installer screen comes up fine, but
> *only* buttons that work are the 'About' button and the 'Installed
> Products' button.
> [A co-worker of mine said he experienced similar problems, and found that
> if he disabled any/all network devices from ifconfig, things would work
> him. I tried this, and the 'Next' button still does not work to get me
> into the actual install portion of the Installer...] [good verbiage, huh?]

> Any help would be greatly appreciated. I looked all over metalink....
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