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NT: Installing 7.3.4 after 8.1.6???

From: Leng Kaing <>
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 18:51:28 +1100
Message-Id: <>


I should be home watching the Olympics as it happens, but something came up the last minute. So here I am dealing with ClearQuest. Apparently ClearQuest 2000 needs SQL*Net 2 drivers and Oracle 7 utilities. Problem is that I had Oracle 8.1.6 installed first. There's no earlier version of Oracle on my PC.

So I went ahead and installed SQL*Net 2 into a new home. But ClearQuest won't connect. There's no intelligible error message. It's been masked by one of the clever developers to say - can't determine db or some crap. Damn, just give me the full ORA errors will ya. Anyone in Rational doing this, please stop it. I want to see the real error. ORA-12452 , can't find ora734.dll. Whatever. Just hit me with it baby. We're big enough to handle it.

Thnking that I may need the Oracle 7 Utilities as stated in their manuals, I tried to install it. But Oracle Installer complains. It can't install it into either the Oracle 7 nor the 8i homes!

Anyhow, I can connect via SQL*Plus 2 and other tools but not ClearQuest.

Next I tried to muck about with the
So in the end I gave I uninstalled both Oracle 8I and 7. Cleaned up registry entries and started again. This time with the oracle 7 first. Then 8i and what do you know, ClearQuest works! *&%^#$ I'm very annoyed today. Firstly, why does ClearQuest need such an old version of SQL*Net?? 2ndly, why do I need to install Oracle 7 before Oracle 8I?

Argh! Ok, I've had enough for now. Hoping to catch the opening ceremony when I get home in 1/2 hr.

Have a good weekend all!


Leng M Kaing
Tel: 9843-8440
Fax: 9843-8590

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