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Transportable tablespaces

From: Brian Wisniewski <>
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2000 10:51:05 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <>

I'm rebuilding a test database in 8.1.6 using transportable tablespaces to copy the data. All is going well except I was just importing a partitioned table (17 partitions) and the imp was sitting on that particular table for 2+ hours. The only lock I saw was against$, I'm sure there were more but that was the only one I caught near the end of the import. I have a few waits for the session listed below but surely nothing so outstanding for it to take hours to imp.

Any thoughts on what caused a partitioned table to import for so long versus a regular table? It is a beast of a table, 455 columns, and I saw some procedure executing (I lost the name of it) which appeared to be walking through each column per-partition. Anyone experienced this type of behavior before when transporting tablespaces and if so any thoughts on speeding it up? I was going to take this approach to re-building the production database but this table has 56 partitions in production and that could mean several more hours just to import this one table.

EVENT                         TOTAL TOTAL    TIME
                              WAITS TIMEOUTS WAITED
----------------------------- ----- -------- ------
file identify                  40          0     0
file open                      84          0     7
refresh controlfile command    1           0     8
control file sequential read   197         0     15
single-task message            1           0     17
log file sync                  42          0     19
latch free                     8           8     27
control file parallel write    95          0     48
rdbms ipc reply                18          0     84
db file sequential read        225         0    377

Thanks - Brian

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