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urgent or oracle installation

From: vipul desai <>
Date: 10 Aug 00 22:04:06 MDT
Message-Id: <>

hi there,

  i am facing a problem in oracle installation on sun box and as mentione= d
bellow following steps i have taken to resolve the same error and two of = the
Sr. DBA are also helping me on the same and the correspondance is attache= d
here with could any one help me on the same....

  thanks and regards.

sorry for not mentioning the version it is 8.0.5 and now i careated new user with oracle8 and dba account as same one and tried out the fresh installation but still it repeated the same error. yes the home directory is seprate from the s/w directory in which i am installing.

oracle_home is /ora/oracle
and home directory is /ora
oracle_admin is /ora/oracle/app/oracle/admin

the error is the same

"There are still sgadef<sid>.dbf file(s) in $oracle_home/dbs. this indicates. you must shutdown all databased instances associated with this=

oracle_home befor upgrading the server. select (yes) if u have shutdown t= he
instance form antother terminal/windw. Select (no) to abort the installat= ion"

this is the total message, selecting yes repeates the same screen and selecting no throws me out...

thanks and regards...


"Suzy Vordos" <> wrote:

Again, which version of Oracle? That is importation info to solving the problem. A few more things to verify. Make sure the unix user oracle has a home directory separate from the software directory. Does the directory you want to install to exist? Here is an example from my environment:

$ id
uid=3D112(oracle) gid=3D101(dba)
$ echo $HOME

If you get any errors, include them in your reply


vipul desai wrote:
> =

> Yes, i am trying for fres installation, when i got the box the person h=
> removed the oracle s/w directory and database directory with rm command=
> -fu | grep ora gives me no processes running again ipcs -ms also gives =
> shared memory or semaphors for oracle and under that case i don't know =
> other could be the place where it is checking for the same..
> =

> today i am going to remove oracle user and dba group create user and
> and then try the same out let me see what happens next if u have any ot=
> suggessation then please let me know..
> =

> thanks and regards,
> -Vipul
> =

> Suzy Vordos <> wrote:
> =

> When you get the error, are you trying to install Oracle software, or
> create a database? What version of Oracle? If the error is still
> complaining that the sgadef<sid>.dbf file exists, the only place that
> file is written is $ORACLE_HOME/dbs, and only for Oracle7 and Oracle8
> (it's obsolete in Oracle8i). Otherwise, $ORACLE_HOME is the software
> directory only, and no database files should be stored there.
> =

> Another possibility is there is no longer a physical database or
> sgadef<sid>dbf file, but something is still in memory. If ps -fu oracle=

> returns no processes, also run ipcs -ms and see if any segments or
> semaphores are owned by oracle.
> =

> Suzy
> =

> vipul desai wrote:
> >
> > Hi there,
> >
> > thanks for your pormpt reply.
> >
> > I tried each and every step as sugested by Anil Sikri and to ensure i=

> > tried steps given by Suzy Vordos. after ensuring that there are no mo=
> > unknown files on my box with oracle as owner i tried the fresh
> > again.
> >
> > But unfortunately i was not successful in the same and the same error=

> > repeated... I doubt that unix stores some of the file paths at some o=
> > location and from that location it is trying to find the same.
> >
> > i tried to remove each and every file returned by find / -name oracle=

> > -local -print ... i searched root for dbf file existance but it is no=
> i
> > am sure that there is no file with oracle owner now and i am trying f=
> > installation.
> >
> > could u guide me more on the same.
> >
> > thanks in advance..
> >
> > -Vipul
> >

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 From: Tripathi Amit <>  Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 09:53:07 +0530
 Subject: How did I lose the TRUNC() function

Make sure that there is no user created function or procedure existing in the database
By the same name ie. TRUNC


 From: Uma Sankara_Sivadanam <>  Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 10:19:00 +0530
 Subject: RE: Off topic- UNIx question

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I can.Since we are getting a new Unix Machine and as i have to port 230 users from the existing unix box to the new box, i require a script to run it in a loop for all the 230 accounts.


> ----------
> From: Khedr, Waleed[]
> Reply To:
> Sent: Thursday, August 10, 2000 2:10 PM
> To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L
> Subject: RE: Off topic- UNIx question
> Why not using the supplied commands like useradd?
> -----Original Message-----
> Sent: Thursday, August 10, 2000 10:37 AM
> To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L
> Hi,
> Is any one of you having a script that will automatically create users on
> a
> uni box(preferably on SUNOS).Script should give all the details like
> existing groups and userid's and prompt the administrator for input.I
> have
> written one a year back but last it as i became a DBA from Unix Admin.
> Any site where these kind of scripts available is also OK.
> Thanks in advance
> Uma Shankar
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> Author: Khedr, Waleed
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<P><FONT COLOR=3D"#0000FF" SIZE=3D2 FACE=3D"Arial">I can.Since we are = getting a new Unix Machine and as i have to port 230 users from&nbsp; = the existing unix box to the new box, i require a script to run it in a = Received on Thu Aug 10 2000 - 23:04:06 CDT

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