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Re: urgent help on oracle installation.....

From: Suzy Vordos <>
Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2000 23:42:05 -0600
Message-Id: <>

When you say "oracle directory", do you mean the Oracle software or a database?

The following may be overly cautious and paranoid... BUT, before removing or re-installing anything, I'd like to know exactly what is there. The presence of $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/sga*.dbf is a strong indication that a database does (or did) exist.

Check for any running database instances:

$ ps -fu oracle

Check $HOME/.profile, what environment variables are defined? This will give you clues where to look for Oracle software-related files.

If the Oracle software had been removed, then $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/sga*.dbf wouldn't be found. Check what versions are installed, look for init.ora, config.ora, listener.ora, tnsnames.ora files:

$ echo $ORACLE_HOME ; ls -l $ORACLE_HOME
$ ls -l $ORACLE_HOME/../
$ echo $TNS_ADMIN ; ls -l $TNS_ADMIN

Look for all the sgadef<sid>.dbf files, this will tell you what databases are (or were) there:

$ ls $ORACLE_HOME/../*/dbs/sgadef*.dbf

Search the system for all files owned by the oracle user, then closely review the output in $HOME/outfile.txt. Anything look like a database file? Locate and review the oratab file, it will tell you what databases are/were there.

$ find / -user oracle -local -print > $HOME/outfile.txt

Hope this helps,

vipul desai wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am installing oracle on sun box, but it is giving me problem...
> "There are still sgadef<SID>.dbf file in $ORACLE_HOME. This indicates tat
> there may still be running instance. you must shutdown all database instances
> associated with this oracle_home before updateing the server"
> as per my knowledge oracle was installed on this box but someone deleted
> oracle directory with rm command and now i am trying to reinstall i am facing
> this porblem.
> i am not sure on the other related files and related settings on the unix
> could any one please show me the correct direction to remove all other
> dependent files so that i can do fresh installation...
> thanks in advance...
> -Vipul
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