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Weird Bug: One schema accessing another schema's data

From: Leng Kaing <>
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 12:05:26 +1000
Message-Id: <>

Hi Guys,

Environment: Oracle 8.0.5 on HP 10.20

When a colleague asked me about this the other day, I said that it's not possible. But now that I've seen it, I'd like to know if you have seen it too.

What happened was that in the one instance we had 2 schemas - B1INT and B1DEV. These are our integration testing and development schemas. They are self-contained. There are NO synonyms, grants etc pointing from one schema to the other. What happened on Friday night was that when a stored package was executed in the B1INT's schema, it tried to access a table from the B1DEV schema. The error generated was ORA-6512. No trace dumps or other errors were generated. Within the database I saw that the application was connecting as B1INT, and I also ran a trace of the session looked "normal" to me. There were NO schema switches, or references to B1DEV from B1INT. Also, there was data in the B1INT's table, but no data in the B1DEV's table. And the application complained about no data in the B1DEV schema.

The only resolution was to flush the shared pool! Once this was done, the application found the data and continued in its merry way.

So, has anyone seen this problem? Got a work around etc. I haven't tried explaining it to Oracle Support for fear that they are not going to believe me and demand that I repproduce the error. The problem happens very rarely and is not reproducable on demand so I'm afraid I don't want to put up with the off-handed "call us next time it happens" response.

TIA, Leng.

Leng M Kaing
Tel: 9843-8440
Fax: 9843-8590

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