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Re: Oracle 8i and MS IIS on same server - is this okay?

From: Stephen Andert <>
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 08:52:39 -0600
Message-Id: <>

At my prior job, I installed an 8.0.5 database and the application that = was going to use it required MS IIS and we had all kinds of problems until = we just put IIS on a beefy pc. This was a small internal use application = and I have no idea how the setup is working now with a full load of users, = but after I had to reformat the NT server 5 times, reinstall NT, SP's, = Oracle, application and IIS, when this worked, we left it alone. Oracle = found bugs relating to IIS and Oracle in certain conditions with certain = versions of dll's. =20

Don't know how this may have changed for 8i or what bug fixes may have = come out.

Goot luck. (Try to see if you can use Apache instead of IIS and move = everything to Unix :)

Stephen Andert

>>> 07/26 3:35 PM >>>

Hello All,
We have been told that Oracle 8i can't run on the same server as MS = Internet
Information Server. Is this really a true statement? If true, what are the reasons? Are there are workarounds, if true?=20 =20
TIA. John Fedock
iXL, Inc.
 <> <>=20 =20
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