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RE: Oracle HA ..

From: LoughMiller, Gregory <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 07:43:42 -0400
Message-Id: <>

We are going thru some configurations right now related to HA and DR.

We evaluated the SUN product, ORACLEHA, and it worked very well. The environment was using EMC sym cabinet, with JCORE HBA's instead of the SUN HBA cards. In addition to using the Veritas Volume Manager. All worked pretty well. It would take 5-8 minutes to fail over to the other test node. This was all done on Solaris 2.6

On another system, we used the FirstWatch product for failover to a "stand by" node-and that has been pretty successful. For example-if we had a hardware failure, the FirsWatch product would be able to move the Volume Groups from one node to another, and bringup the database and then the application. On an average, this took about 10 minutes to complete.

We are now designing an infrastructure for HA using Oracle Parallel Server. The requirements of the project indicated a "failover that could be as seamless as possible". The environment will be E10K's with solaris8, using an EMC sym cabinet with a Connectrix switch in front of that. We will also be using the Cluster Volume Manage of Veritas and SUN's product for the SUN Clusters.. There is plenty of redundancy in the designed environment-and OPS was chosen for the up time and failover requirements. IF we fail over to the "passive" node-there isn't any deport/import of volume groups or a restarting of an Oracle instance. This saves a lot of time. So far, all that we have done is "preliminary" testing.

Whatever option you choose, it needs to fit the requirements that have been defined. And we were lucky enough to have technical executives that have a vision of what is required..


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From: Adam Turner [] Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2000 7:45 PM
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Anybody have any good - or horror stories about Oracle HA (or Veritas's high availability software) for Oracle 8.1.6 (64 bit Sun)

anything would be helpful. I have 100 + pages of white papers and notes to read, but real world stories work so much better.



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