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RE: Archive Logs

From: Wasserman, Sara <>
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 14:16:29 -0700
Message-Id: <>

You should keep the archive logs dating from the last backup that you want to be able to recover from. For instance, if you keep a month-end backup, and you would like to be able to recover from the month-end backup to a given point-in-time, you need the archive logs generated during and since that month-end backup.

I recommend keeping the archive logs from at least the second-to-last backup. This way, if there was something wrong with your most recent backup, you could at least try the previous backup as well.

Other recommendations: Mirror your archivelog destination, and backup your archive logs more often. If you lose a datafile disk and the archive log disk (for example, if a controller goes bad), you will not be able to recover until point of failure. If you have several hours' or days' worth of archive logs on that disk, you will have lost all that work. I also recommend backing up archive logs to at least two different tapes. Tape media is unreliable, and archive logs are critical.

Sara Wasserman
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> Subject: Archive Logs
> Hello All
> Our 24x7 database is in archive log mode, we do online backups to tape
> every other day..
> However the archive logs (which there are a lot of) we only back them up
> when the destination dir is almost full.
> My question is how often should we backup these archive logs.. also how
> long to keep these archive logs on tape.. before they are of no use ?
> Regards
> Saj Iqbal
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