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RE: OCP guidance(ranting)

From: Jeffery Stevenson <>
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 09:30:00 -0500
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  OCP is really easy if you fork out the cash for Oracle training courses (or just borrow someone's books from the courses). Sure you can use other resources and do some studying, but the exam seems geared towards driving people towards those nice, pricey training courses. As a big company that wants more revenue stream, why wouldn't you do that? Without an independent certification authority (whose profits are based solely on the merits of their exam), the exams will always be skewed towards making the vendor profit (in one form or another). I personally thought, the Chauncey exam was a little bit better at making it more experienced based (or at least more challenging--situations where you had multiple right answers and you had to look up the correct one in mock dictionary tables they provided). I wish it was still out there, or something similar.   Sure, people say that working towards testing for the OCP will broaden you knowledge base of Oracle because it will make you study the subjects. I love this database stuff and IT stuff and I gather up and read and play with as much tech material as I can get my hands on. I generally don't need a catalyst in order to force myself to study the material...   Having said all that, I do keep up with OCP, not so much because it will get me a job or a pay raise (even though that is what started me with them), but it will let me see what the newer generation of IT folks (that are really junior or just trying to break into the DBA realm) is being spoon-fed. That way when I interview someone, I can easily tell whether they are a thinker/problem-solver or just someone who can regurgitate "textbook" answers really well. 2c off to the ether...

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On Thu, 20 Jul 2000 05:56:28 -0800, Walt Weaver wrote:

>At my previous place of employment there was (and still is) a developer who
>took the OCP DBA tests and passed'em. So, now he's an OCP DBA with
>absolutely no real-world experience. He doesn't know how to start up a
>database but he has the shingle.

Did he pass without ever even practicing? This brings up an interesting point. In my mind there is a big difference between someone who buys an exam guide, reads it, and then passes the test vs someone who grabs a 30-day trial copy, tries out all the important functionality, and then takes the test. It's too bad that the OCP exams can't somehow zero in on that second group of people.

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