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RE: Ora 1652 (HEADLINE: purist DBA police raid remote Canadian

From: Kristen Cameron <>
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 15:17:40 -0400
Message-Id: <>

Eric, thanks for the reply.

I didn't post much detail, because I wasn't really that concerned=20 about it. As you say, adding an extra datafile to system wouldn't be the end of the world. And the DBA police don't even visit the NT!

I just found it difficult to imagine what the system tablespace would need with an extent larger than 11 Mb. As it turns out, there were 17 users with system as their temporary tablespace. Don't blame me,=20 I didn't do it! =20

Thanks for the input. I've changed the users temporary tablespaces. Now, back to studying for that blessed (or blasted) OCP! =20

As for a DBA TEAM - ha! I AM the team. Fortunately, I talk to myself a lot, so it often seems like there are more of us,, me. =20

Thanks again,
Kristen Cameron
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
Yellowknife NT

>>> "Eric D. Pierce" <> 7/20/2000 >>> Kristen,

It wasn't clear to me whe you said the developers are doing an=20 "update". Do you mean the error happened when an "update" statement=20 was being executed? Or were they upgrading the Oracle software?

re: general DBA issues, I agree with what Mladen is saying, except=20 that assuming you are a public service agency, you are probably=20 looking to run a system just a teeny tiny bit less expensively than=20 eBay does. :)

And it is possible to do so. It may not be as performant, safe and=20 secure as you would get with a high price dba team (which I'm=20 guessing is kind of hard to put together in the far reaches of NT),=20 but as long as it is good enough, it's well... good enough, right?

In case you don't have time to make all the major changes that Mladen=20 is suggesting you need to make, there are some short term solutions.=20 In my opinion, your best investment of your time is to call Oracle=20 tech support, tell them up front if your DBA skills are not very well=20 developed in this area (for instance, you have a data base built on=20 top of a default install that was extended without proper planning),=20 and ask for suggestions/documentation about how to work around the=20 issue.

Even more short term, don't worry, the purist DBA police will not=20 come and arrest you for adding datafiles to the system tablespace for=20 your temp stuff. Do you *really* need to worry about 11mb, or 20mb?=20 If not, just throw 50mb, or 100mb extra on the system tablespace so=20 you can spend you time on something more important, like training or=20 whatever. You *do* need to determine what risk you are exposing your=20 database to by doing so however, and probably start planning for a=20 redesign.


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> Obviously, this error tells you that Oracle cannot extend segment. =
> can fail to extend a segment only because of the lack of the necessary =
> in the tablespace. A common wisdom (and OFA, which is anything but the
> common wisdom)
> tells you to separate different object types into the different =
> Tablespace system should be used for DICTIONARY TRANSACTIONS ONLY.=20



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> When I checked yesterday's alert logs, I found the following error:
> ORA-01652 unable to extend temp segment by (num) in tablespace SYSTEM. =
> I've forgotten what the actual number was. The recommended action is to =
> a datafile. However, when I checked the existing datafile, it is less =
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