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RE: select for update

From: <>
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 08:54:03 +0200
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Hi G.

We had a similar problem with an application that didn't support the update command using load balancing. Commit command came back on a different channel than update was sent: Table was locked forever... (but it is solved now).

I don't know if 8.1.6. has a feature to do this but as a temporary solution we created a procedure run as a DBMS job to automatically kill jobs that were blocking for a specific time. You can specify you own selection criteria for which session to kill. You will need to use some dynamic SQL for this solution.

If you're interested in this solution I can sent you the package code.


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> Subject: select for update
> Hi all,
> I've got a bit of a weird problem. I have a bunch of user connecting to
> Oracle 8.1.6 via a middleware layer, which provides a connection pool.
> The code they are running contains lots of SELECT FOR UPDATE statements,
> because we need to ensure that things happen in sequence, rather than
> a situation in which process 1 can issue an UPDATE, process 2 issue a
> plain SELECT, then process 1 COMMIT.
> The processes connect to middleware, then middleware connects to Oracle,
> so if a process dies (which happens from time to time), Oracle doesn't
> know. If a process requests a lock, then dies, Oracle will hold that
> lock, and all the other processes will be stalled. We know that if
> a process is successful, it will never require a lock for longer than
> 2 seconds, but we allow 10 seconds.
> So my problem is, is there a way to tell Oracle to automatically
> free any locks once they reach a certain age?
> Thanks,
> g
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