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Re: sequences

From: Jared Still <>
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 10:18:12 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <>

What kind of problems did you have?

I've used triggers to insert Pk sequence values many times without any problems. Many others on the list have done this as well.


On Wed, 12 Jul 2000, Regina Harter wrote:

> We have had problems in the past using triggers, usually related to the
> fact that the sequence value is a primary key. Since we insert usually
> through an application, if we don't need a reference to it at the time, it
> just goes into the insert statement as sequence_key.nextval, if the program
> needs a reference to the new row, we retrieve the sequence value into a
> variable and then include the variable in the insert command.
> At 09:23 AM 7/12/00 -0800, you wrote:
> >I wanted to ask how people are handling the insertion of unique keys in
> >Oracle. Please understand that my experience with generating unique keys
> >comes from an Informix background, wherein you can have a column with
> >datatype of 'serial'. This is an integer column which gets generated at
> >insert time with the next value automatically. You can then check the
> >sqlca area (return buffer) for the inserted value.
> >
> >I know in Oracle you can accomplish this with the SEQUENCE function. As
> >this is not automatically inserted by Oracle, how is the unqiue key value
> >inserted? Do most people use a before trigger, stored procs, or call the
> >sequence themselves? If using a client program (c, java), how is the
> >value for the unique key returned to the program which performed the insert?
> >
> >Examples, methods, design recommendations welcome...
> >
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